Health Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Health Foods
Health Foods

A healthy diet won’t necessarily reduce your waist circumference. There are foods that contain health-promoting substances, often beyond vitamins and minerals, but which can make you fat. Some health foods have the potential to mess up your weight loss diet if you consume them in excess. So try to reduce their consumption, for the best effects.

Breakfast cereals

They are a great source of fiber, which will reduce the total number of calories you digest. But today’s processed cereals often come with added sugars, coloring agents, and other additives that, while not canceling out its other benefits, add empty calories to the total.

Rolled oats and other whole cereal mixes are health foods, especially for breakfast, but most granola variants add puffed rice, honey or sugar to the mix, which boosts its calorie content.


If you are out to lose fat, cut back on the avocado. While it is a highly nutritious fruit, it has quite a fat content – up to 23% of your recommended daily value. Be mindful of this when you build your daily diet – if it includes avocados, you’ll need to balance their high fat content with cuts in other places. Or by upping your physical activity.

Agave nectar

If you think that switching from sugar to agave nectar for weight loss is a good idea, think again. The sap of this Mexican plant – also the raw material used to produce tequila – has a very high fructose content, higher than sugar. If consumed in high quantities, it can cause insulin resistance, and can even lead to type 2 diabetes.

The traditional agave nectar used in Mexico is a much healthier sweetener than sugar, but when it’s processed, it loses most of its benefits. The result is a sweet, sticky syrup with a dangerously high fructose content, that will make fat. Commercial variants, promoted as health foods, don’t come with too many benefits.

Low-fat yogurt

The decades-long crusade against fat has led to the launch of some foods that have close to none of it in them. Like low-fat yogurt, that most would consider a perfect weight loss food. In fact, what’s hidden below the well-drafted health claims is just a heavily processed concoction, with a terrible taste – which is offset by additives, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and similar things. All which can contribute to the size of your belly fat.

And full-fat dairy has been shown not to make you fat after all…

Dried fruits and nuts

The so-called “trail mixes” are a delicious treat, but they can also contribute to your fat deposits if you’re not mindful. They are very high in energy – dried fruits have a lot of sugar in them, and nuts have a considerable fat content. Trail mixes a great snack for times when your energy consumption is high, like when you hike or mountain bike, but for today’s “couch potato” people they are a terrible choice.

Fruit juices

Fruit juices are just like fruit, without all the annoying peeling and chewing, right?

Wrong. The contents of fruit juices range from the actual juice of a fruit to a heavily diluted, artificially colored and sugar-sweetened concoction which has nothing to do with the real thing. But even if you choose real fruit juices, you are not doing your body a favor. One cup of orange juice, for example, comes with the sugar content of two whole oranges, which you ingest in a matter of seconds. And some commercial juices have even more sugar – which will make you fat.

Health foods won’t make you lose weight

Low fat diet

Just because a food is healthy, it doesn’t instantly become a diet food. Some have a high sugar content, others come with many calories or a lot of fat, which makes them a less than ideal choice for your weight loss diet. You can avoid them completely, or incorporate them into your diet by compensating with reducing calorie intake from other sources.


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