Have Fun and Burning Tons of Calories

Tons of Calories
Tons of Calories

Spring is definitely here, so it’s time to go out and have fun outside the house. Because there’s nothing better than finally getting out of your chair and moving those rusted muscles for a change. But going out is more than just mere fun – some of the things you can do outside are also great ways to burn off a ton of calories.

Chase the ball and have fun outdoors

have fun chasing the shuttlecock

I know, flying drones and taking selfies in the park is fun. But when you want to also get rid of some extra padding, these are not the ones you need to choose. Instead, go for something more “sporty” that’s way more fun than just standing there tapping on your phone.

One of the greatest things we did as children was playing badminton. It’s a game easy to learn – unless you want to go competitive because then it needs a helluva lot of practice. And, if the wind doesn’t interfere too much, it’s also a ton of fun. And it burns a lot of calories, too – one hour of chasing the shuttlecock burn almost 250 calories.

Beach volleyball is another way to have fun outdoors – and it’s a calorie burning powerhouse. According to Calorielab, aside from being a ton of fun (and very entertaining to watch), it can burn almost 480 calories an hour. Although the weather often disagrees with the “beach” part in the spring, it is something you should consider doing today.

Take the bike and the roller skates out of the garage


ride a bike to the gym each morning, taking care of a good part of my cardio for the day. For me, the bike is a means of transport rather than a source of fun – although I have fun riding it, too. And aside from having fun while pedaling through the city, I also burn a lot of calories.

Depending on the speed and the effort, biking can burn between 200 and 1,020 calories per hour. Which is quite a lot, considering that an average fast food menu has over 800 of them. Why not burn them off having fun? And ladies – biking can make your legs more toned and beautiful…

It’s springtime, so it’s also time to dust off your roller skates and go for a ride. Aside from being a lot of fun as well, roller skating burns a lot of calories, too. Riding them for an hour will rid you of over 400 calories. My brother lost about 22 pounds of fat in two months without changing his diet, by simply skating for two hours a day. And having tons of fun.

Spring is here! Why not make the most of it, and work on that beach body of yours?


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